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eAvio plans can scale for any organization.
From private owners to big aero clubs.


for private pilots
  • Up to 10 pilots
  • Up to 3 aircraft


for aero clubs
  • Up to 1000 members
  • Power, Ultra-light & Gliders section
  • Club management module


for aero schools
  • Up to 1000 students
  • Power, Ultra-light & Gliders section
  • Training log
  • Duty-times


for larger organizations
  • Unlimited members
  • Features from all packages

All plans include

  • One aero club section by choice
  • Flight reservations module
  • Flight orders module
  • Flight logs module
  • Transactions and invoices module
  • Aircraft resources
  • Licences / ratings
  • Membership subscription
  • Account fill-up
  • ICE contacts
  • API for 3rd party integration
  • Document module
  • Support 24/7

Additional options

  • Skydiver section

    Extra fields for pricelist, group flight log possibility, submit flight log for skydivers and towing aircraft at the same time.

  • Weight & balance module

    Calculate w&b at the time of entering flight order. Specially tailored for each specific aircraft registration.

  • Online payment support

    Spare time for your accountant and allow online payments. We currently support Stripe or Mollie. If you prefer something else, let's talk.

  • Priority support

    All of our packages include 24/7 support, but this package gives you access to directly communicate with the developer team. It also gives a waranty that your issue will be addressed in latest 8 h.

  • Additional space for documentation

    If 10 GB we provide to each package is not enough, you can get extra storage for your documentation.

Custom feature?

Our platform is open for new features.
Kickstart your ideas
and make them reality.