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Benefits of aircraft rental scheduling software eAvio

1. Less Human Errors

In the aviation world, a common challenge encountered by companies looking to change aircraft scheduling software solutions is that they are not following real-time issuing practices and as a result, they never have an accurate count of their actual inventory. Although these mistakes do occur, with eAvio in place, this challenge and many others are overcome. We have integrated logical loops that prevent you from erroneous inputs.

2. Aircraft Management monitoring

With our rental scheduling software we are able to monitor the aircraft in real time. Even when the plane is under repair.

Each user is authorised to fly with a specific aircraft, for which he has a license, all other aircraft are locked.

aircraft rental scheduling software

3. Reservation and scheduling

We designed a reservation and rental scheduling software for managing your workflow, keeping track of all schedule & crew changes and acting as a central source of various information within your company operation.

aircraft rental scheduling software reservation

4. Flight planning and chronometry

Based on the inserted flight data, eAvio will provide you with automatic chronometry. The system will automatically generate and save your data, once your flight is done. You can also upload attachments and attach them to the flight.

aircraft rental scheduling software flight planningaircraft rental scheduling software chronometry step 1aircraft rental scheduling software chronometry step 2

5. Easy to handle payments transaction

Online payments are faster than manual payments, since you don’t have to wait for the check to arrive or for it to clear. The end result is improved cash flow for your organization, and almost immediate confirmation of transactions. Our Aircraft rental scheduling software allow you to manage payments transactions via Bank transfer and Stripe (credit/debit cards).

aircraft rental scheduling software transactions step 1aircraft rental scheduling software transactions step 2

6. Electronic Library and Documentation storage

eAvio aircraft rental scheduling software provides you with cloud based storage, accessible anytime and from anywhere. All the necessary aircraft documents in one place, always available on your smart phone. 

aircraft rental scheduling software documentation

7. Notifications and news

For each new email, news or a new uploaded document to the library, the software provides you with notification warnings.

aircraft rental scheduling software notifications

8. Club members list with database

We integrated into the application complete members list with their personal information, which can be used at any time you are logged into the aircraft rental scheduling software.

aircraft rental scheduling software members list

9. SOS calls and emails

Despite the fact that the application has integrated personal information from an individual club member, you can use this information for emergency and call or send emails directly from the application.

10. Real time update

All data in the application is generated and displayed in real time, always accessible to the user, no matter when and where.

11. Delegation of user roles and permissions

eAvio, aircraft rental scheduling software is divided into two parts. First part is Front-end which is made for all Aero club members and users. Second part is Back-end, which was created only to the leadership and for accounting of the Aero club to manage user management, cash flow, flight control, library and documentation. In the back end, we can also define different parameters such as delegation of user roles and permissions.

aircraft rental scheduling software backend

12. 24/7 assistance

Our team will provide you best service and assistance you need. At your disposal 24/7.

13. Quick implementation time

Modules of our aircraft rental scheduling software are exactly like departments in most of aero clubs organizations, that is why implementation of eAvio is easy and quick and cost-effective. If you decide for software today, you will start using it in the next few days.

14. Language customization

eAvio has an integrated additional language package module which allows you to change system-wide settings to your location and your home language.

15. Cloud-based system accessible all over the world

Currently, we have leased servers worldwide, so your database will be saved in “cloud” and accessible anytime from anywhere.

16. Protected user access and database

Our team of experts specifically focused and devoted time for integrating security modules, so that you can safely store and use your personal information. Each club member will get his own username and password to facilitate protection of personal data and GDPR.

aircraft rental scheduling software loginaircraft rental scheduling software frontend

At eAvio, we are committed to your complete satisfaction. Rely on us and contact us for support and assistance before, during or after using eAvio.

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