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The future of aviation is electric and at eAvio, we are committed to supporting this exciting transition. Electric aircraft are set to revolutionize the industry with their increased efficiency, reduced emissions, and lower operating costs.

As developers of software for aviation clubs, ATOs, and air tour operators, we believe it is essential to adapt our platform to accommodate these innovative aircraft. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the new features we are exploring to support electric aircraft, and we invite you to join the conversation.

The importance of electric future

As the aviation industry continues to evolve, it’s crucial that software solutions like eAvio stay ahead of the curve. By incorporating features tailored for electric aircraft, we ensure our software remains relevant and useful for aviation clubs and organizations embracing this sustainable technology. As electric aircraft become more prevalent, we believe it’s our responsibility to help our clients make the most of their investment in this cutting-edge technology.

Experimenting with electric aircraft features

We’re excited to announce that, in addition to our comprehensive feature set for traditional aircraft, we are currently experimenting with adding features designed explicitly for electric aircraft. Our goal is to provide valuable data and insights for operators of electric aircraft, enhancing efficiency and safety.

Some of the features we are exploring include:

Battery status display

Monitor the current battery level of the aircraft in real-time, helping pilots and operators make informed decisions about flight duration and range.

On the frontend (mobile view) each electric aircraft includes a battery charge and status indication.
Battery status and charging information is also visible when submitting a reservation or flight order.

Charging status

Keep track of whether the aircraft is charging, ensuring that it’s ready for its next flight.

Range estimation

Provide accurate range estimates based on current battery levels and other factors, enabling pilots to plan their flights more effectively.

Battery health tracking

Keep an eye on the battery’s overall health and performance, allowing for proactive maintenance and replacement when necessary.

In the control center/backend (desktop view) owners can set aircraft battery properties like max charging time, battery capacity, flight time, etc.

Working with manufacturers

To access the necessary data for these features, eAvio will need to be connected to the aircraft’s internal computer via an API. This integration is only possible through close collaboration with electric aircraft manufacturers. We’re actively seeking partnerships with manufacturers to ensure seamless compatibility between our software and their aircraft.

Join the conversation

The development of electric aircraft features should not end here. We invite manufacturers, electric aircraft owners, and other industry stakeholders to contact us and share their ideas and suggestions. We are eager to learn more about your unique needs and challenges as we continue to refine our software to best serve the electric aviation community.

Please fill out our contact form to share your thoughts or to request more information about our ongoing efforts to support electric aircraft. We look forward to hearing from you and working together to shape the future of aviation.

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