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Aero clubs, flight schools, and flight tour operators often consist of diverse members and activities, each with unique workflows and requirements. The eAvio App is designed to help these organizations streamline their operations by dividing aircraft and activities into specialized Sections.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using Sections and how they can simplify and optimize your aero organization’s management.

Sections: A tailored solution for diverse activities

The eAvio App offers five main Sections to accommodate different needs: Motor, Ultralight, Skydiver, Gliders, and Electric. Each Section serves as a group for users to better manage specific requirements of the activity, featuring specialized user interfaces for seamless integration.

Gliders section

In this Section, users can efficiently manage glider-related activities by tracking tow methods, submitting partial flight logs for towing aircraft, and simplifying pricing and discount management for glider rentals.

Skydivers section

Designed for skydiving activities management, users in this Section can track jump heights, skydiver numbers, equipment rentals, and charges. The specialized user interface also includes a unique W&B module that accounts for the number of skydivers.

Each section has it’s specific price-list options. For example in the Gliders section there is also need for towing/winch prices and special discounts for longer flights.

Motor and Ultralight sections

Motor and Ultralight Sections share many features but cater to different aircraft types, maintenance rules, training, and licenses. Users can manage their respective activities more effectively by utilizing the appropriate Section.

Flight logs are tailored for each section’s specialties. For example, for Skydivers there is an option to attach all jumpers into loads. One person can prepare and submit Flights Logs for all jumpers in a day.

Electric section

Focused on electric aircraft, users in this Section can manage charging times, battery statuses, and predicted flight times. This information is available when booking aircraft.

Additional features to simplify aero club management

Mobile app interface

The front-end eAvio App allows users to access key information via cards for each Section they are a part of, such as account balances, flight statistics, and booking details.

On the front-end (mobile view) there is card for each section pilot is active in.
Each card shows all important information for the specific section.

Back-end management

The eAvio App’s back-end (desktop view) provides an overview of the organization’s inner workings, with role-based access to manage and view specific Sections.

Documentation library

A central location for all documentation, with access settings to ensure only users within a specific Section can view relevant documents.


A convenient place to manage prepaid flight funds, club membership fees, and contributions to specific Sections or projects, which can also be used for new purchases.

In the wallet you have separate accounts for each section.
Each section supports “contribution” collection as well.

Customizable reports, invoices, and transactions

Generate reports and manage transactions tailored to each Section.

Mailing/newsletter management

Easily send targeted communications to users active in particular Sections.


The eAvio App’s specialized Sections enable aero organizations to streamline their workflows and focus on relevant information, saving time and improving efficiency. Whether your organization uses one or all five Sections, the eAvio App adapts to your needs, providing an intuitive and powerful solution for managing diverse aero club activities.

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