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In the realm of aviation, managing aircraft availability is crucial for a seamless and efficient operation. eAvio, a comprehensive software solution for aviation clubs, flight schools (ATOs), and flight-tour operators, caters to every aspect of the business, with an emphasis on its robust aircraft scheduling system. The innovative platform offers pilots a multitude of booking, reserving, and scheduling options to ensure an aircraft’s availability for use.

Variety of aircraft reservation methods

eAvio provides a range of user-friendly approaches to secure an aircraft, catering to the unique preferences of each pilot. These flexible options include:

Aircraft selection

Pilots can view a list of all aircraft they are qualified to operate. After choosing an aircraft, they can check the availability of the selected plane to finalize their reservation.

Customized calendar

Designed for optimal mobile use, the eAvio calendar groups identical aircraft registrations to simplify the booking process. This intuitive interface allows pilots and instructors to ascertain when a specific aircraft is available for use effortlessly. Instructors can also schedule aircraft for their students through this method.

Front-end (mobile) view of custom-made calendar specialized for aircraft scheduling. Simple and transparent.

Back-end management

Tailored for desktop access, the back-end system empowers authorized personnel to book any aircraft for any pilot. This feature is handy for special events, such as airshows, where specific aircraft must be allocated.

Overview of all reservations for club/organisation managers in the back-end (desktop view).

Recurring reservations

eAvio accommodates pilots with recurring scheduling needs by allowing them to set up periodic bookings. This functionality saves time and ensures that regular aircraft usage is secured in advance.

Time slot booking

To further enhance the booking process, eAvio enables pilots to reserve aircraft based on available time slots with their instructor. This simplifies scheduling and ensures that both the pilot and instructor are available at the same time.

Assurance of airworthy aircraft and communication

One of eAvio’s key advantages is its ability to prevent the reservation of non-airworthy aircraft. The software automatically restricts bookings for aircraft that are deemed unfit for operation. In cases where reserved aircraft must undergo maintenance, the system promptly notifies all affected pilots about the change, ensuring seamless communication and minimal disruptions.


eAvio’s versatile aircraft scheduling software streamlines the booking, reservation, and scheduling process for pilots, instructors, and authorized personnel. By offering a variety of approaches, prioritizing safety, and ensuring seamless communication, eAvio guarantees that aviation clubs, flight schools, and flight-tour operators can manage their aircraft availability with ease and confidence. Embrace the future of aircraft scheduling with eAvio and experience unparalleled efficiency and convenience.

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