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Pilots, flight instructors and aviation enthusiasts gear up for an elevated training experience! Previously, we had a standalone app dedicated to training. But why complicate when we can simplify? We’ve now incorporated every ounce of that training expertise directly into our main eAvio web app. The aim? A seamless, unified experience. No more juggling between apps or platforms – everything you need for flight training is now housed under the eAvio umbrella.

A snapshot of the dashboard, highlighting ongoing training programs, completed lessons, and pending notifications.

Comprehensive training view

Each student gets a holistic view of their training programs, be it PPL, CPL, or any other specific program. The training sessions are categorized into theoretical and practical lessons, ensuring clarity at every stage.

Simplifying the training experience

By merging our training functionalities into the eAvio web app, we’ve taken a step toward streamlining processes and making life easier for both students and instructors. Benefits include:

Unified access

Students and pilots no longer need to alternate between apps. Everything from booking aircraft, and accessing lesson materials, to submitting flight logs is now integrated into one platform.

Synchronized data

With a single platform, all data remains synced and up-to-date. Whether it’s lesson progress, instructor feedback, or upcoming notifications, you’re always in the loop.

Enhanced user experience

A single application reduces the learning curve, making it user-friendly for both tech-savvy aviators and those just dipping their toes into the digital world.

Delving deep into practical lessons

Preparation time

Every great flight starts on the ground. Students prepare for their practical lessons by accessing provided documents or watching informative videos. As of now, we’ve integrated YouTube video support, enriching your pre-flight preparation.

After studying the materials, students must undertake a brief exam, typically consisting of 2-3 multiple-choice questions or short answers. The exam results promptly wing their way to the instructor’s dashboard.

A sneak peek into the exam interface showcasing a video link, attached document, and question layout.

The skyward journey

Once ready, the student embarks on the flying lesson. After completion, they must submit a flight log which is readily available for the instructor’s review.

Instructor’s training record submission

Following the flight, the instructor assesses the student’s performance. By selecting the student’s flight log and the lessons trained, instructors can grade or mark lessons as N/A if not covered. A crucial step is the digital signature of the instructor, ensuring authenticity.

Feedback session

The student then gets an opportunity to review the submitted training record with the instructor, fostering clear communication and aiding in continuous improvement.

Soaring through theoretical lessons

Theoretical lessons, though grounded, are no less essential. The process resembles that of practical lessons but eliminates the need for aircraft booking.

On completion, the instructor documents the theoretical lesson, mentioning the date and content covered. Both instructor and student need to digitally sign the training record for added assurance.

A view of the theoretical lesson submission interface showing lesson details and digital signature fields.

Stay on course

Our system, akin to a co-pilot, constantly guides both students and instructors. Whether it’s about lessons completed, pending ones, or the next steps in the training trajectory, real-time notifications and intuitive dashboard cards make it seamless.

Behind the scenes

Our robust back-end infrastructure enables users to add new lessons, define groups, subjects, and set up exams. Whether it’s adjusting the curriculum or setting up a new exam, the power lies with the instructor.

PPL example

For those aiming for a Private Pilot License (PPL), here’s a glimpse of potential lessons/subjects:


  • Aerodynamics and Principles of Flight
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Flight Performance and Planning
  • Human Performance and Limitations
  • Air Law


  • Effects of Controls
  • Taxiing
  • Straight and Level Flight
  • Climbing and Descending
  • Turning
A segment of the PPL training curriculum showing a blend of theoretical and practical lessons.

Document generation: an administrative advantage

In the world of aviation, documentation isn’t just paperwork—it’s a testament to a pilot’s skills, progression, and readiness. Recognizing the vital role of accurate and timely documentation in flight training, we’ve equipped the back-end of our module with powerful document generation capabilities.

Instructors and school management (or as some may prefer, “Flight Training Administrators”) can now easily convert entered data into structured documents. Here’s a glimpse of the pivotal forms you can generate:

Exam grade sheets

Upon the completion of internal exams for theory, generate comprehensive exam forms to document and analyze the grades achieved by students.

A sample Exam Grade Sheet showcasing student grades across various theoretical subjects.

Course completion forms

As students successfully complete their theory and practical lessons, instructors can swiftly generate forms acknowledging their accomplishments.

Pre-requisites forms

Before venturing into theory or practical sessions, ensure all requirements are met with our Pre-Requisites Forms. At a quick glance, both instructors and students are aligned on prerequisites.

Practical progress registration

Track the journey of every aspiring aviator with our Progress Registration Form for practical lessons. Every milestone and every challenge overcome is meticulously recorded.

Solo qualifying navigation registration

The first solo flight is a monumental step for every pilot. Our Solo Qualifying Navigation Registration form ensures this significant event is documented with precision.

Flight assignment solo form

Before every solo flight, generate a Flight Assignment Solo Form. This outlines the objectives and parameters of the solo session, ensuring safety and clarity.

Wrapping up

With the integration of our training module into the eAvio web app, we’re not just simplifying the digital experience; we’re enhancing the journey of learning and growth in the world of aviation. We aim to ensure that every flight, every lesson, and every achievement, no matter how minor, is chronicled with the attention to detail it deserves. After all, in the skies, details matter. And so do you.

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